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Restaurant Menu

"Real Texas Barbecue in a Country Atmosphere"™

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Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat: 11am - 9pm. Sun: closed

Barbecue Plates
Sliced Beef.....$10.65
1/3 pound of our famous Texas Barbecue

Chopped Beef Plate.....$9.95

Pulled Pork.....$9.95

Beef Ribs (3).....$18.95
The Ribs that make us famous.

Jr. Beef Ribs (2).....$14.15

Pork Ribs.....$14.85

Smoked Pork Loin.....$9.65


Iron Works Brand Original Hot Sausage.....$9.65

Smoked Turkey.....$10.65
1/3 pound

Sampler Plate.....$16.95
Sliced Beef, IWB Sausage, and one beef rib.

Plates include potato salad, beans, pickle,
onion, bread and barbecue sauce.

Sliced Beef.....$7.25

Smoked Pork Loin.....$6.05

Smoked Turkey.....$7.25

Pulled Pork.....$6.75

Chopped Beef.....$6.65

IWB Hot Sausage.....$5.25

Sausage Wrap.....$3.05

Your choice of bun or white bread.
All come with BBQ sauce, pickle and onion

Salad Bar
All you can eat Salad Bar.....$8.25

Mini-Salad (single trip only).....$5.25

Side Orders
Side orders of any Salad Bar item or Beans, Potato Salad, BBQ Sauce, etc.

1/2 Pint.....$2.75



French Fries (lunch only).....$2.00

Baked Potatoes
Cheese, Butter, Sour Cream, Chives (lunch only).....$5.25

Add Chopped Beef.....$8.25

Pies and Cobblers.....$3.50

Whole Pies and Cobblers.....$22.50
Our Barbecue (by the pound)

Beef Ribs.....$10.85

Pork Ribs (slab).....$19.95

Pork Ribs (1/2 slab).....$10.95

Pulled Pork .....$18.75

Smoked Pork Loin.....$15.35

Chicken (1/2).....$7.05

IWB Hot Sausage.....$11.25

Chopped Beef.....$17.15

Smoked Turkey.....$18.95

Bread - Half Loaf $2.00 • Full Loaf $3.00
Extras*** Pickle .20 • Onion .20

Family Takeouts
Feeds 3 to 4

Beef Ribs (4 lbs).....$58.75

Beef (1 lb).....$35.15

Turkey (1 lb).....$35.15

Chicken (4 halves).....$43.30

Chicken & Beef Ribs.....$49.15

Smoked Pork (1 lb).....$30.75

IWB Hot Sausage (1 1/2 lbs).....$34.25

Chopped Beef (1 1/2 lbs).....$41.10

Baby Back Ribs (2 slabs).....$57.15

All Take-Outs include: Potato Salad, Beans, Cole Slaw, Pickles, Onions, Bread and BBQ Sauce.

Real Texas Chili
Available in Winter only

Bowl (12 oz.).....$5.50

1/2 Pint.....$4.25



Let The Iron Works cater a Real Texas Barbecue for your group. Minimum 100 people. Please call 512-478-4855 for more information.

Special Services
Custom Smoked Meats.....$3.00/lb

Custom Smoked Turkeys.....$3.00/lb

Bring us anything that you wish smoked, and we'll cook it to perfection. Ready in 24 hours. No minimum.

BBQ Sauce and Dry Seasoning. Our Spicy and Regular BBQ Sauce is brushed on the meat after smoking to enhance the flavor. The dry seasoning is rubbed into the meat and is used in preparing our chili and pinto beans. Both are available online at

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